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Volvo Trucks Corporation, stylized as VOLVO, is a global truck manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo. In 2016, it was the world’s second-largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. Volvo Group was reorganized on 1 January 2012 and as a part of the process, Volvo Trucks ceased to be a separate company and was instead incorporated into Volvo Group Trucks, with Volvo’s other truck brands, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks, and UD Trucks.

Volvo Trucks has poor working management and lacks accountability, an ex-employee shared a review at

"Leadership Team is in state of flux clearly poorly managed with a lack of accountability. A classic case of a Northern European organization where they do not understand that competition is a great idea and how to cross that bridge. Engineering is terrible with constant change notices and designs that require repair."


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pintor industrial (Former Employee) says

"lideres mal qualificados e nao dao valor aos funcionario pcd"

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work at this shop. If you want you tools stolen and given the most dumb work to do and your things messed with when your not there. The management don’t do anything about it."

Atencion Cliente (Former Employee) says

"Empresa desorganizada deshonesta mal ambiente y trata muy mal a sus trabajadores y clientes bajo nivel tanto profesional como humano. Totalmente desaconsejable"

Assistante administrative (Former Employee) says

"Ambiance horrible tout le monde se tirent dans le dos, direction RH vicieux limite harcèlement comportement tordu et qui incite à la délation La promotion canapé existe toujours dans cette ambiance nauséabonde A fuir absolument"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Job no managemant are real experienced.worst managment every 5 years managment change.everything decided by non experienced top managment.Free lunchShort beak"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"I've watched employees loose good benefits and pay here for 20 yrs, and I don't believe it will be any different for the next 10. Human relations dept are very incompetent."

Parts Order Desk (Former Employee) says

"Do you want a high stress job with poor management? Then this job is for you! A quick paced environment with not enough on the job training. You're thrown into the middle of the ocean with no life saver and expected to swim all the way back to shore on your own."

Ibs/building bricks (Former Employee) says

"Felt like a concentration camp,never had time to do nothing jobs never completed,Never had time to go to the bathroom cause you had no one to let you go so you had to hold it or spend your 10 minute breaks going to the bathroom,you are assigned more than one job that is impossible to finish & between working on the trucks & doing other jobs they give you only five minutes to get all your jobs done but asked for perfection,& sometimes they give you jobs to do that’s not even your job but if you don’t do it it’s on you,& don’t bother asking the union for help cause they will listen but won’t come through cause they don’t wanna deal with you,the money is good but it’s not worth it.Money/benefitsShort breaks, don’t work as a team, poor management"

Fork Lift Operator (Former Employee) says

"was working a few miles down the road from my house and company relocated me to a 45 min drive from home and made job hard to get to and from and then let me go cause I called out sick and always laying offnonelayoffs"

Fd arbetstagare (Former Employee) says

"Dåligt ledarskap, alla behandlas inte alls lika. Om du är konsult så anses du vara sämre trots att du kan mer än "gamlingarna" som skuttar runt som pajaser med feta löner som de fått en gång i tiden. Att tillägna arbetsdagen med jobb är inte prio ett utan hellre allt annat som kan tänkas är ju roligare än jobb så varför inte. Man har smörjt sitt munläder med rätt personer så man slipper jobba alltför hårt. Tyvärr så är det många som inte alls har utbildning utan har kommit dit av antingen utseende eller från att ha jobbat på ex. terminalen som truckförare. Detta kan bli komplicerat då det både kan skapa avundsjuka på nya som kan saker samt att de själva inte förstår vilken tur de har eftersom de hade aldrig fått så bra lön eller frihet i att göra annat när man eg. ska arbeta, som om de ex jobbat som undersköterskor eller i butik. Även att vissa som kommit dit på ett bananskal inte kan samarbeta utan ska ifråga sätta allt möjligt konstigt. Detta gällde alltifrån support till kollegor till chefer på plats. Ledarskapet är bra på att låtsas som om inget är fel även om man sagt konkrekt och tydligt och denna ledarskap ser inte heller vilket jobb man gör. I vissa fall har de inte ens någon aning om vad deras medarbetare gör och visar noll intresse till att verkligen veta. Kamratskapen är inget jag direkt kunde se. Visst fanns det vissa grupper men många är väldigt falska och låtsas vara trevliga och hjälpsamma men är det inte alls när det gäller.Man fick vara beredd på att i princip bli muntligt utslängd till lejon av både chef och kollegor trots att man jobbat häcken av sigFlexMånga så som lön, arbetskulturen i helhet (dåligt ledarskap, dålig jobbmoral, man gör saker för sin egen skull)"

Contrôleur qualité (Former Employee) says

"Un poste ennuyeux, routine, peux d outil pour travailler, Aucune formation lors de ma prise de poste, un 'je m'enfoutisme " complet. Un poste qui aurait sûrement etait intéressant si cela avait était réfléchit correctement. Poste en vue d un CDI au bou de 3 mois.....Lol Très mauvaise communication entre les vendeurs et les mecanos.... Point positif: des collègues globalement sympas et cadre de travail propre....quand ont ne respire pas constamment les gaz d'échappement les portes fermer."

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"We were treated horribly by Volvo. They came in and shut down our facility after we showed 40% improvement on accuracy (more than they asked for) most of us worked there our whole life and it was really sad on how they showed no remorse when flipping 35 people lives upside down.None really bad company to work forBad management and 0 care for its employees"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"from the short time i worked there it was issue after issue with the company and the union work force they had there. no one ever knew any rules or followed them."

konsult och med mainframe system (stordatorer) says

"Dålig lön, dåliga arbetstider och dålig arbets ledning"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing at all positive to say about Volvo Construction Equipment. So in keeping with the advice that was given to me as a youngster, I shall say nothing at allNoneEverything"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Long hours and unskilled managers. Poor people management skills and a culture of bullying. No flexibility with hours and not at all family friendly. Managers promoted beyond their capabilities. Lack of support and trainingNoneLong hours and negative environment"

Shipping/Export Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Is a good place to work. Could be better. New warehouse and company so there are many issues but that is expected with anything new. Management needs a lot of traininglocationSecurity"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Owner treats parts and service staff like dogs. Even though parts and service generates way more revenue than car sales does.. Get with the times, man!Great staff and clientelecheap owner is an artist at penciling, ripping off employees"

Senior Executive Accounts (Current Employee) says

"Not good to work in Volvo the worst management never ever seen. there is no employee concern and worst HR management. worst rules and policies framed by companyno free services"

gradare (Former Employee) says

"samma varje dag monotont och tråkigt ganska bra bet"

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